Will My Super Pay for Surgery?

Applying for Early Release of Super Funds for Surgery in Melbourne VIC

Many patients enquire about requesting an early release of superannuation money to cover the cost of their cosmetic surgery. It’s a popular query, especially among patients contemplating operations like drooping eyelid surgery and corrective nose surgery or rhinoplasty for respiratory problems.

Many patients have been able to use their Superannuation Funds to cover the cost of their own life-changing surgery. Keep in mind, however, that there is a government process to follow, documents to complete, and Super Funds to contact. Even if you complete everything correctly, there’s no guarantee that your Super Fund will authorise the fund’s release.

Note: Dr Stephen Kleid is not urging anyone to utilise their Super for cosmetic surgery. Only if the procedure is medically required’ and has a Medicare item number can you ask for an early release of your super.

Cosmetic surgery for cosmetic enhancement is NOT applicable for Super Fund Release. 

If you’re thinking about taking an early withdrawal from your retirement fund to assist pay for plastic surgery, there are a few things you should know.

How do I apply for Super Fund release?

Through your ‘MyGov’ account, you can apply for an early release of super for surgery through the ATO.

It is impossible to predict whether or not your request will be approved. It’s also important to understand that the rules and regulations around super withdrawal for surgery may be subject to change.

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Is your surgery covered by private health or medicare?

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How do I know if my application will be approved?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of circumstances, including your financial status.

If you want to apply for a super early release, you must:

  • To be eligible for compassionate release of money, your condition must meet certain conditions.
  • If your procedure is medically essential plastic surgery rather than just aesthetic surgery, you will most likely be approved. 
  • Approval of your application can take several weeks. 
  • It could take up to two weeks or more. If you are accepted for early release, your Super Fund provider may have the last say. Some Super Funds do not have this option.

When it comes to early superannuation withdrawal for surgery, some Super Funds accept it, while others do not.

Will my Super Fund pay for my Nose Surgery?

Early release of Super could also apply to plastic surgery which is related to the nose or breathing health concerns, such as corrective Rhinoplasty after a nose injury or breathing problem.


Can your Superannuation Fund be used to pay for your Plastic Surgery?

Most Australians won’t be able to access their Super until they reach the ‘preservation age.’ Depending on your birth date, this is between 55 and 60 years old. However, the ATO will consider early admission on ‘compassionate grounds’ in extraordinary instances, such as medical treatments to treat life-threatening illnesses or persistent pain.

You should check with your super fund before applying because not all super funds allow early access to super benefits for these reasons.

The ATO website also has instructions on how to keep your Super safe and how to gain early access to it.

Supercare, a company that charges a fee for this service, may be able to assist you in filing for early Super release.

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