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What happens at your First Consultation with Dr Stephen Kleid

Before any surgical operation, you require a formal first nasal consultation with Dr Stephen Kleid. A full nasal examination is included in your nose appointment, which is only offered in person at the clinic. This is not something Dr Kleid can do in an online consultation, instead, Dr Kleid must examine your nose and throat in person to check your septum, see your internal nasal anatomy, and look for any obstructions.

What happens at a Nose Surgery Consultation? by Dr Stephen Kleid

During your Consultation

During your appointment, Dr Kleid and his patient adviser will take the time to gather a detailed medical history, including information about your past health, medications, and previous surgeries. This comprehensive understanding will allow Dr Kleid to assess your medical background and gain insight into your goals and expectations for surgery.

Dr Kleid will then conduct a thorough physical examination to evaluate your clinical condition and determine your suitability for surgery. As part of this examination, he may also take photographs for your medical file, which will aid in the planning and documentation of your procedure.

Following the examination, Dr Kleid will engage in a detailed discussion about your surgical options and the specific procedures that may be involved. He will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the benefits, potential challenges, and risks associated with the surgery. It’s important to note that this discussion is not meant to be alarming or intimidating, but rather a necessary step to ensure transparency and Dr Kleid’s commitment to your well-being.

It is essential to be cautious of any doctor who fails to thoroughly explain the risks and implications of a surgery. Dr Kleid’s commitment to providing detailed information demonstrates his dedication to your safety and satisfaction as a patient.

For your initial consultation, please allocate up to 1 hour of your time and make sure to arrive early. Establishing a strong relationship with your surgeon prior to any surgery is crucial. During your first consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet both Dr Kleid and a patient care coordinator or nurse. This collaborative approach ensures that you receive comprehensive care and support throughout your surgical journey.

Nasal examination with Naso-endoscope

During the examination, Dr Kleid will carefully assess both the external and internal structures of your nose. To get a clear view of the inside of your nose, he will use an overhead light and wear specialized glasses that allow him to visualize deep within the nasal passages.

To enhance the examination process, your surgeon will administer a local anesthetic spray combined with a decongestant into your nose. This spray helps clear the nasal passages and reduces swelling, providing better visibility during the examination. The local anesthetic in the spray will numb the area, making the procedure more comfortable for you. The numbing effect typically lasts for about 15-20 minutes.

Once the local anesthetic has taken effect, Dr Kleid will use an endoscope, a slender and flexible telescope-like instrument, to examine the inside of your nose in detail. The endoscope is gently inserted through the nostril, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the nasal structures and any potential abnormalities or issues.

This thorough examination using the endoscope enables Dr Kleid to accurately evaluate the condition of your turbinates, septum, and other nasal structures. It provides valuable insights into the underlying causes of your symptoms, guiding the development of an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Rest assured that Dr Kleid’s expertise and attention to detail during the examination will help ensure a comprehensive understanding of your nasal health.

About the Nasoendoscope

The nasal endoscope is three and a half millimetres in diameter, it’s plastic and it’s very flexible. Dr Kleid will either look through a lens or have it connected up to a camera so you can both see inside your nose on a monitor or TV screen. Read Getting a Nasendoscopy before your Rhinoplasty for more information.

What happens at your nasal examination

During the examination, Dr Kleid will utilize a scope to thoroughly assess the condition of your nose. He will also examine the back of your throat and may even examine your vocal cords if necessary.

The examination of the back of your throat allows Dr Kleid to identify any potential issues related to snoring or the presence of pus. He will also check for the presence of polyps and assess whether a deviated septum is affecting your breathing. It’s important to note that the nasal inspection is generally not painful.

If your consultation is specifically for rhinoplasty, Dr Kleid will also examine the external structure of your nose. Additionally, you can utilize the Free Nose Imaging Software, which allows for a more detailed discussion about your desired nose shape and appearance.

During the consultation, Dr Kleid will engage in a conversation with you to understand your specific concerns and dislikes about your nose. He will address these concerns and discuss the necessary steps to improve the shape, function, and overall appearance of your nose. Rest assured that Dr Kleid’s expertise and personalized approach will ensure a comprehensive assessment and a tailored treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

After Your Consultation

Your consultation with Dr Kleid will give you; a good understanding of the procedure, its likely benefits and potential outcomes along with its possible risks. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed with the surgery.

You’ll get a detailed Surgical Quote with Procedure Costs

A detailed estimate of costs will be prepared for you following consultation and can usually be given to you on the day. This will cover the surgeons’ fee and estimates for the hospital/theatre and any other costs.

For more information about Prices and Payment Methods  – Visit Surgery Payments and Payment Methods

Try this nasal imaging software by uploading a photo

Do I need to bring a GP Referral?

Yes! As of the July 1st 2023 anyone consulting with a surgeon will require a referral.

  • A medical referral from a GP is necessary to schedule a consultation with your surgeon, regardless of whether your surgery has a Medicare item code or not.
  • Having a referral can help you claim rebates from Medicare and your private health insurance if your surgery is covered by either.
  • It’s important to note that the referral should be valid at the time of the surgery.
  • Referrals from GPs are valid for 12 months, while referrals from specialists are only valid for 3 months.

Who else should I bring to my Rhinoplasty consultation?

  • We strongly recommended you bring either a supportive friend or relative along to your appointment to help you think about all the information and discuss your surgical options. If possible, leave the kids with a friend or family member.
  • Please bring along with any relevant X-rays or test results if you have them.
  • If you have had previous nose surgery, bring any relevant information.

Your Rhinoplasty consultation fee

A full nose consultation with Dr Kleid costs $600. You may be eligible for a $185 Medicare Reimbursement, which will make the out of pocket cost $415.

It usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. The consultation cost is usually paid by credit card at the time of arranging the appointment. This includes a nasoendoscopy.

Choosing your surgeon

When it comes to picking the surgeon for your Nose Surgery, remember that expertise, training, and credentials are more important than the price tag. Special offers set prices, and significant discounts can all be considered red flags.

Typically, such treatments result in another unsatisfactory outcome and, in the end, cost more, cause more stress, and agony, take longer and cause more suffering than a single procedure performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

Dr Stephen Kleid is an experienced Ear, Nose and Throat ENT Surgeon (Otolaryngologist). He consults in three Melbourne practice locations at Hawthorn East, St Kilda East and East Melbourne. Dr Kleid has a passion for Rhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty Revision.

Why Choose Dr Kleid ?

Dr Stephen Kleid,
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr Stephen Kleid is an experienced ENT Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) based in Melbourne with a passion for Septo-rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and a strong interest in Rhinoplasty Revision.

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How can we help?

Dr Kleid’s Team takes pleasure in assisting you with any questions when considering a plastic surgery procedure. Please call the Hawthorn East clinic in Melbourne between 8 am – 6 pm on Weekdays.

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What Next?

Want more information about your Procedure?

  • For more information about pricing and payment methods, please visit our page on Surgery Payment Options.
  • Talk to our Patient Care Team from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday on 
    1300 599 990

What to Bring to Your Consultation

  • We encourage you to bring a friend or family member to accompany you, as they can provide an extra perspective and support throughout the process.
  • It is important to take thorough notes and carefully review all the documents provided to you.

How to Book a Consultation

  • Dr Kleid’s Consultation fee is $600 which includes a nasendoscopy ($300).
  • A referral from your GP or Specialist is necessary to see Dr Kleid for a consultation. (As of July 1st 2023)
  • Please contact the Patient Care Team at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery today to book your consultation.


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