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Improving the Structure and Function of the Nose

There are a lot of features that can make a face pretty; bright eyes, a beautiful smile, or perky cheeks. But the nose is in the centre of it all. A nose that is too wide, too flat, too slim, or too pointy can take the attention away from the rest of your facial features.

Septo-Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgery that can improve the cosmetic appearance of your nose. Not only can it straighten and sculpt the nose, it can also reduce alar flaring, and improve the shape of the nose tip. During nose surgery, your surgeon can also reshape and straighten the septum (septoplasty).

Septo Rhinoplasty can be done alone or within a full rhino. Straightening the septum can resolve breathing problems and make the nose look more symmetric with the rest of the face.

Dr Stephen Kleid is one of the top ENT surgeons in Melbourne. During his many years as a surgeon, he has gathered extensive experience inSepto Rhinoplasty surgery. Dr Kleid custom designs each surgery to give your nose exactly what it needs so you can look better and breathe better.

What are Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty?

How you see yourself when you look in the mirror can have a huge effect on your self-confidence. A better-looking nose can improve your entire appearance, it can also give you the boost you need to face the world.

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty, or both, are surgery options for people looking to get a prettier nose all while solving nasal breathing problems.

Watch this video about septo-rhinoplasty surgery to find out if it is for you.


Rhinoplasty is nose cosmetic surgery. However, it not only changes how the nose looks but to also improves breathing functions. A nose job focuses on fixing common nose cosmetic concerns including noses that:

  • Tilt to one side
  • Are either too wide or too flat
  • Are under projected or have a prominent hump
  • Have a tip that is too pointy or too bulbous
  • Have nostrils that are too narrow or too flaring

A nose job can also help fix breathing difficulties that can be a result of small nasal cavities, narrow nasal passages, or a deviated septum. Many times, a full rhinoplasty also includes a septoplasty.


Just like a rhinoplasty, a septal deviation surgery can fix the nasal cosmetic appearance and resolve problems with breathing. However, a septoplasty is limited to reshaping the septum;  the thin wall that’s in between the right and left nostril.

Usually, the septum is at the centre of the nose but sometimes it can deviate either to the right or the left side. A deviated septum can be congenital (present at birth) or a result of a nose injury and can cause the following problems:

  • Crooked nose
  • Blocked nose
  • Dry nose
  • Nasal crusts
  • Nasal bleeds
  • Loud snoring

Septum deviation surgery can be done on its own when the septum is the only cosmetic and medical concern in the nose. Or it can be done as a part of a full nose surgery that takes care of other features in the nose like a bulbous tip, bumpy nose bridge, or flaring nostrils.

What are the Benefits of Septo-Rhinoplasty?

A nose that’s too big, too projecting, too small, or too flat can make your entire face look asymmetrical and out of proportion. People getting nose reshaping surgery have the option to:

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Remove a dorsal hump
  • Reduce the size of the nostrils
  • Improve the projection of the nasal bridge
  • Make the nose tip slimmer
  • Make the nose look smaller
  • Make the nose look bigger

Moreover, most nasal obstruction problems are a result of septum deviation. In addition to making the nose look straighter, a septoplasty can offer additional benefits such as:

  • Unblocking the nasal passages
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved sense of smell
  • Reducing the risk of sinus infection

If a tilted septum is the main culprit in your nasal problems, you can benefit from a septum straightening surgery on its own. However, if you want to fix other parts of the nose, then your surgeon can do the septoplasty as a part of a more extensive rhinoplasty.

Why Choose Dr Kleid for Rhinoplasty?

Dr Stephen Kleid
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr Stephen Kleid is an experienced ENT Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) based in Melbourne with a passion for Septo-rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and a strong interest in Rhinoplasty Revision.

Dr Kleid’s Procedures

How is aSepto-Rhinoplasty Performed?

Once you are under general anesthesia Dr Stephen will access your nasal tissue by either an open incision (small cut at the base of your nose) or a closed incision (done inside your nose). He will then be able to perform the following:

  • Reduce the size of the nose by removing cartilage and nasal bone-breaking
  • Lengthen the nose and improve its projection using implants or cartilage grafts
  • Reshape the septum’s bone and cartilage
  • Manipulate the cartilage in the nose tip to enhance its appearance (tip plasty)
  • Reshape the nostrils (alarplasty)

When a surgeon is does a septoplasty on its own, they do not usually break the nose. Although a septoplasty is mainly concerned with straightening a deviated septum, it can cause a dramatic change in how your nose looks and the entire appearance of your face.

You can get a septum reshaping surgery by itself or more comprehensive nose surgery. Either way, you want a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who can make sure you’ll be able to breathe well after enhancing the proportions of your nose.

Recovery AfterSepto-Rhinoplasty

Most of the recovery from your nose surgery will take place during the first couple of weeks. During that time, you’re likely to experience discomfort from the following symptoms:

  • Pain peaks during the first 3-4 days after your surgery. During those days, pain killers prescribed by your surgeon will be very effective in managing the pain.
  • Swelling around the nose and eyes takes about a month to subside following your surgery.
  • Bruising under the eyes and around the nose will last for a couple of weeks.
  • You will likely experience Minor bleeding from the nose after nose surgery.
  • An itching sensation in the nose is very common after getting a rhinoplasty. Although, you should avoid scratching too hard so you wouldn’t damage your new nose.

How to Recover Faster

Post-operative care is very important in speeding your recovery whether you’re getting surgery to reshape the nose, correct a deviated septum, or fix breathing problems. Some of the things that you can do to help with your recovery after a cosmetic nose surgery are:

  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Take some time off from your daily activities to allow your nose to heal
  • Avoid vigorous physical activity for a few weeks
  • Avoid wearing shirts and sweaters that you need to pull over the head
  • Avoid rubbing, touching, or blowing your nose
  • Don’t wear glasses on your nose bridge
  • Don’t smoke
  • Use nasal sprays to clear out congestion as recommended by your surgeon

Make sure you let your surgeon know if you’re experiencing any problems after your nose surgery like fever, heavy nosebleeds, or worsening pain. Following your surgeon’s postoperative recommendations goes a long way in helping you heal quickly after your surgery.

What are the Complications of aSepto-Rhino?

Nose reshaping surgery has come a long way in the last couple of decades. This has made risks or complications from nose surgery very minor and manageable. Some of the complications that can follow your septoplasty or rhinoplasty include:

  • Wound infection
  • Hematoma (swelling caused by blood buildup)
  • Seroma (swelling caused by fluid buildup)
  • Numbness around the nose and upper lip
  • Changes in the sense of taste or/and smell
  • Perforated septum (possible after septoplasty)

Dr Kleid has performed numerous nose reshaping and septal deviation surgeries with little to no complications. He will provide you with several instructions that will help you avoid any trouble or discomfort after your nose job.

What is the Cost of Septo-Rhino Surgery?

Every patient’s nose will need something different out of surgery. Your nose might only require minor adjustments or more extensive work done. Dr Stephen will give you an estimated price quote after examining you and evaluating your personal needs.

The fees will depend on whether you only need a septoplasty or a full nose rhinoplasty. Dr Kleid will also discuss with you the type of anesthesia he will use, the location of the operation, and the technique used in surgery. These details will help you determine how much you’ll need to pay.

We can happily say that almost all of our patients find nose surgery affordable and its results very rewarding.

Is this type of Nose Job Worth It?

More than 90% of patients share the opinion that getting a nose reshaping surgery is worth the time, money, and effort they put into it. Nose cosmetic surgery often leads to major improvements in self-image and self-esteem. 

After a nose job, you’ll probably find it easier and more enjoyable to put on makeup, go out to social events, take pictures, and go on interviews.

A lot of people also report a huge improvement in the quality of sleep after getting a septoplasty to fix their breathing problems. They look better, breathe better, sleep better, and perform better during the day.


Can nose surgery be combined with other procedures?

A Septo-Rhinoplasty can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries including chin augmentation, facial liposuction, and eyelid surgery. Chin augmentation surgery is especially done along with nose surgery. The entire shape and profile of the face can be changed by reshaping the nose and the chin at the same time. Getting a chin implant at the same time can help make your nose stick out a lot less and give you more dramatic results.

Is Septo-Rhinoplasty painful?

You shouldn’t feel any pain during your nose surgery thanks to the anesthesia you receive. After the surgery, most people feel only mild pain that gets better with each day. Your surgeon can prescribe you pain medication that will help you stay as comfortable as possible during your recovery.

How long will I be bruised after my nose job?

Post-operative bruising after yourSepto-Rhinoplasty surgery will be at its worse during the first couple of days. The bruises will then start to subside over the following days.

After a couple of weeks, most of the bruising will clear up.

Will I need to stay at the hospital after aSepto-Rhinoplasty?

You will most probably return home on the same day as your nose surgery. Very rarely, you might experience nausea from the anesthetic or you might have a health problem that needs to be monitored. In those cases, your surgeon may keep you for one night at the hospital before you can safely go home.

Why is my nose crooked?

It’s common to have a crooked nose. You can be born with a crooked nose (congenital) or it can be the result of a trauma (an injury or an accident). A deviated septum is usually why the nose may be crooked. You can fix your crooked nose with a septoplasty or a rhinoplasty.

How should I sleep after my nose job?

The short answer is: on your back.

After your surgery, you should avoid sleeping on your side or stomach for several weeks. You should also keep your head in an elevated position to reduce the swelling and congestion after your nose surgery.

Will I have a scar after my nose job?

Nose reshaping surgery is usually done using one of two techniques: open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. So the incision will either be small and at the base of your nose, or inside of your nose. Either way, you won’t have a visible scar after rhinoplasty surgery.

Will I breathe better after aSepto-Rhinoplasty?

Yes. A septal deviation surgery is designed to take care of breathing problems that are caused by a deviated septum. After the swelling and congestion subside, you will begin to notice a huge improvement in both your breathing and your sleeping.


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Why Choose Dr Kleid for Rhinoplasty?

Dr Stephen Kleid
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr Stephen Kleid is an experienced ENT Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) based in Melbourne with a passion for Septo-rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and a strong interest in Rhinoplasty Revision.

Dr Kleid’s Procedures

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