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Alarplasty is a special type of nose job, designed for patients who have problems with the shape of their nostrils.

The shape of your nose can influence your whole appearance, this is because it is front and center. A perfect nose is one that goes with the rest of your facial features. A nose that’s either a little too wide, a little too narrow, or a little too projecting, can ruin everything else.

The nostrils are a critical part of the nose. Their sides can be either too curved, too straight, too large, or too small. They can also have an upward curve, that can make it look like you’re snarling.

Dr Kleid offers his patients Alarplasty, a rhinoplasty technique that specifically fixes deformed or unpleasant-looking nostrils. Furthermore, Dr Kleid is one of the top ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons in Melbourne. He has developed techniques to give his patients perfectly shaped nostrils that flatter the rest of their features.


What is Alarplasty?

Other terms for Alarplasty also include alar trimming, alar reduction and alar base reduction.

Alarplasty is a specific type of rhinoplasty that aims to reshape the nostrils.

It usually involves cutting part of the nostril cartilage (called “alae”) to change either the shape or size of your nasal opening and sides of the nose.

Alarplasty can be done as an independent surgery, or we can combine it with other rhinoplasty techniques for patients that want a more extensive nose job. For example, if you want to fix wide nostrils, then an Alarplasty is usually enough. However if you have wide nostrils as well as a pointy nasal tip, you may require an Alarplasty and Tipplasty to achieve a better result.

Alarplasty can:

  • Make your nostrils narrower
  • Give the sides of your nose more curvature
  • Make the sides of your nose straighter
  • Make your nostrils wider
  • Bring the sides of your nostrils down to cover the projecting middle part (in case of notched nostrils)

Dr Kleid will manipulate the cartilage, cut some pieces out, and re-fix the cartilage into a new position in order to change the shape of your nostril. The exact techniques are highly customizable and depend on your specific case and what you want to achieve, as well as, your natural nose shape.

Video – Is Alarplasty Surgery Right For You? by Dr Stephen Kleid


What Does Alarplasty Fix?

The nostrils are a critical part of your nose. They give it both its width and its curvature. This is why people with nostril shape deformities always rush to get Alarplasty.

To understand alar base reduction, you first need to know a little bit about the anatomy of the nostrils.

The nostrils have a core made of cartilage and is covered with skin. Cartilage is the flexible firm part of your nose (try squeezing the tip). The “alar base” is the imaginary horizontal line connecting the nostrils where they meet the cheeks (see photo).

The middle column separating the two nostrils is called the “columnella”, which also has a cartilage core.

The deformities related to the nostrils and alar cartilage can be summarized as:

Wide alae

This also translates to wide nostrils. In general, the perfect width of the nose should not exceed that of a single eye. Anything wider may require correction. If you have wide nostrils an alar base reduction can fix them.

Notched alae

We also call this nasal flaring. It’s when the sides of your nostrils are notched up, and therefore the columnella is visible from a profile view. This can make it look like you’re snarling. Alarplasty is the only way to fix nasal flaring.

Alar asymmetry

Your nostrils might not look the same. In other words, one nostril may be larger than the other, or the shape may be visibly different, an Alarplasty, can fix uneven nostrils.

Goal of an Alarplasty

The goal of alarplasty is to achieve the following cosmetic goals:

  1. Reduce the width of the nose so it becomes proportionate with the whole face
  2. To bring the nostrils down so that they are parallel with the columnella (for snarling)
  3. To give your nostrils slight outer curvature

Rhinoplasty Before and After Gallery

See more of Dr Stephen Kleid’s previous nose surgery patients before and after surgery


Who is a Candidate for Alarplasty?

You might be a good candidate for alar trimming if:

  • You don’t like the way your nostrils look
  • You want to fix either very wide or notched nostrils.
  • Your nose is not proportionate with the rest of yourself
  • Your nostrils pull focus from other facial features.
  • You are at least 16 years of age
  • You are not only realistic about rhinoplasty and want it change but are also undergoing the procedure for yourself, not someone else.

If these apply to you, then either an alar base reduction or alarplasty could be perfect for you.

Dr Kleid will help you decide if Alarplasty alone is the best option or if combining it with other rhinoplasty techniques (like tipplasty) will give you a better result.


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Why Choose Dr Kleid for Rhinoplasty?

Dr Stephen Kleid
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr Stephen Kleid is an experienced ENT Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) based in Melbourne with a passion for Septo-rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and a strong interest in Rhinoplasty Revision.

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What Are The Benefits of Alarplasty?

The nostrils are very important when it comes to the shape of your nose. This is why Alarplasty focuses specifically on nostril problems, altering the nostrils, can make your whole nose more proportionate with the rest of your face.

The advantages of alarplasty include:

  • It can change the shape of your whole nose
  • Subtle, yet effective, alterations that give your nose a natural look
  • A more proportional face and comforting smile
  • A boost of self-confidence
  • It’s shorter than traditional rhinoplasty
  • It requires less recovery time than rhinoplasty
  • Furthermore, there is no bone-breaking in an Alarplasty, so the recovery is easier than rhinoplasty
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How is Alarplasty Done?

A surgeon may choose to perform an Alar base reduction under either local or general anesthesia. However, Dr Kleid will usually perform the surgery under General anesthesia.

Dr Kleid will perform 2 or 3 incisions. The location of the incisions are right below your nose, where the nostrils meet the face/cheeks. One incision under each nostril, and one under the columnella.

This allows Dr Stephen to have access to the deeper tissue of the nostrils; the alar cartilage.

Dr Kleid will then perform any combination of the following techniques to reshape your nostrils:

  • Bring the sides closer to the middle to make your nose and nostrils narrower. This is done to fix wide nostrils.
  • Bring your columnella up, and alar cartilage down, to fix the “snarling” appearance (notched nostrils).
  • Cut out a piece of the alar cartilage to reduce curvature and make the nostrils narrower

Once Dr Kleid is happy with the results, he will use very fine sutures to close the skin incisions under your nose. Since the incisions are made along natural skin creases, they will not be visible in the future. Dr Kleid may pack your nose with gauze after surgery to prevent any bleeding.


Recovery After Alarplasty

Because an Alarplasty is less invasive and extensive compared to a full nose job, it offers patients a major advantage – faster recovery!

Full recovery after alar base reduction can take 2-3 weeks. However, most of our patients find that they can get back to work by the end of the first week of recovery.

Dr Kleid asks patients to avoid risky sports for at least 4-6 weeks after their surgery, just till the results set in.

It is normal to experience all the following symptoms after alarplasty:

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Mild blood spotting

Pain, bruising, and swelling will involve both the eye and nose area. The pain usually peaks on day 2 or 3 of Alarplasty recovery and then starts to improve.

Bruising should be gone by the end of the second week. Swelling, however, may take longer to subside. In general, most of the swelling (say 90%) will be gone by 1 month after an Alarplasty.

The remaining 10% may linger for a few months before it is absorbed completely.

nose-surgery-cost-melbourne -Dr-Stephen-Kleid-Nose-Surgeon-Melbourne

What is The Cost of Alarplasty in Melbourne?

Determining a fixed price for alar base reduction is not as easy as it sounds. This is because there’s a lot that goes into determining how much you will pay.

As explained above, nostril surgery is different for everyone. It depends not only on your natural anatomy and your goals, but what needs to be done to make your nostrils look better.

In general, all of our patients find Alarplasty very affordable. Getting a proportional nose and restoring your self-confidence is priceless.

We also offer financial plans for many patients to make it easier to finance rhinoplasty.

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Why Choose Dr Kleid for Rhinoplasty?

Dr Stephen Kleid
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr Stephen Kleid is an experienced ENT Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) based in Melbourne with a passion for Septo-rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and a strong interest in Rhinoplasty Revision.

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