I want a thinner nose, what can I do?

While the idea of a beautiful nose is highly subjective, almost all people agree that a thinner nose is more appealing to them. It is important to note that all nose shapes are perfectly normal as long as they don’t come in the way of your breathing. With that being said, a wider nose can make you feel self-conscious and strip your confidence. It can sometimes lead to anxiety and cost you your mental peace. If the size of your nose is impacting your day-to-day life, getting a bit of cosmetic help can help you achieve a thinner nose.


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How Can I Make My Nose Thinner?

Hands down, the most effective way to make your nose appear thinner is to opt for rhinoplasty. Another great option is to opt for dermal fillers but they might or might not work for everyone. In all reality, dermal fillers will create an illusion of a thinner nose rather than actually slimming it down.

Is There a Natural Route to Achieving a Thinner Nose?

Well to be honest with you, there aren’t any scientifically proven natural ways to make your nose thinner. If any of the internet gurus advise something, be sure to practice caution. The only thing that could make your nose appear thinner is using makeup to your advantage. Makeup can truly transform your nose. However, your nose will be back to normal once you wash your face.

Making the Nose Thinner Without Surgery

You will find plenty of strange remedies on the internet that claim to shrink your nose magically. From using ice on your nose to applying all sorts of random things such as garlic paste, toothpaste, apple cider vinegar, and ginger powder. None of these remedies is backed up by science and can honestly irritate your skin.

The only way to make subsequent changes to the appearance of your nose without undergoing a knife is to opt for liquid rhinoplasty. The procedure involves injecting fillers into your nose to correct any imperfections and create the illusion of a smaller nose. Dermal fillers aren’t a suitable option for every single person out there. However, they work wonders to even out the bumps, divots, and other asymmetries. The results are almost immediately visible after the treatment but will only last for a couple of months.

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Nose Thinner

While some individuals do like how a wider nose looks on their faces, most of us wouldn’t mind making our noses a tad bit thinner. Let’s discuss three proven ways to get your ideal nose:


Rhinoplasty aka a nose job is a surgical procedure that permanently alters the appearance of your nose. The procedure can make your nose straighter, eliminate any humps and bumps, alter the angle of your nose, make changes to the tip of your nose and make it appear thinner. In some cases, rhinoplasty is also done to improve the functioning of the nose: prevent nose bleeds and help with breathing issues.

Prior to the Procedure

Any surgical procedure requires a certain level of preparation. Before rhinoplasty, you will have a detailed discussion with your surgeon on how you would like your nose to look. Bring some pictures with you to the appointment and keep an open mind. The surgeon will help you land on suitable aesthetic goals before the surgery. Prior to the surgery, you will be given a handful of pre-op instructions such as avoiding blood thinners, smoking, alcohol, and many more to ensure the best possible outcome.

During the Procedure

The surgery is done under general or local anaesthesia. You will either be completely asleep during the procedure or awake but fully numb within your facial region. If you wish to make your nose thinner by narrowing down your nose bridge, the surgeon will most likely offer a complete reconstruction of the nose bone known as osteotomy. In certain cases, the size of the nostrils is also altered to achieve an overall thinner look.

Post the Procedure

Most patients will be asked to stay in the hospital overnight based on the complexity of the rhinoplasty. Make sure you have arranged for someone to drive you home on the day of the surgery. Your nose will be covered in bandages and the situation will stay the same for about a week. Make sure to sleep on your back with your head in an alleviated position to minimize the swelling.

You will be given detailed post-operative instructions to follow. In general, try to avoid exercising, swimming, blowing your nose, or flying.

Cost of a Rhinoplasty

If you are getting rhinoplasty to make your nose appear thinner and for purely cosmetic reasons. The cost can be more or less based on the experience and expertise of your surgeon.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

A non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid-based fillers into your nose.  It is important to remember that not all nose shapes are suitable for liquid rhinoplasty. The filler essentially adds volume to your face but makes your nose appear narrower. It is all about creating illusions.

Prior to the Procedure

There is no extensive prep involved when it comes to a non-surgical nose job. However, your service provider might give you a few instructions.

During the Procedure

Rhinoplasty is typically done on an outpatient basis. The surgeon might or might not use topical anaesthesia to numb your skin (based on your pain tolerance). Then, the provider will start injecting dermal fillers to different parts of your nose till he/she is happy with the results. The entire procedure is completed in only 15 to 30 minutes.

After the Procedure

Once the procedure is done, you can get right back to your usual routine. You will be given a few instructions to follow such as using a cold compress to minimize swelling, staying clear of blood thinners, and avoiding makeup for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

Nose Contouring with Makeup

The only at-home, natural treatment to alter the look of your nose is nose contouring. While the effects only last till you wash off your face, the transformation can be quite dramatic. You will find plenty of helpful videos on the internet that can trick people into thinking that you probably got a nose job.

Here are some basic instructions to follow:

To narrow a wide nose, first, get your hands on a contour shade that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone. Draw darker lines on the sides of your nose bridge with the help of a brush. Next, use a matte highlighter at the centre of the nose to further accentuate the results and make your nose bridge appear thinner.

Use a beauty blender to blend everything seamlessly. There is no before and after care involved with makeup. Just don’t forget to have fun and take a lot of selfies. 


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Nose Reshaping Surgery – How to Take Care of Yourself?

Now that we have established that the only way to make your nose thinner permanently is to opt for surgical rhinoplasty, it is important to take proper care of yourself post-surgery to maintain results. Here are a few recovery tips to adhere to:

Use Cold Compressions

Make sure to ice the treated site to minimize swelling. Using a cold compress helps to constrict the blood vessels which also reduces bruising along with inflammation. You can put ice on your nose for 10 minutes at a time and then give a break of 20 minutes. You can use ice wrapped in a towel or a bag of frozen peas.

Take the Prescribed Meds

Do not skip the prescribed medication if you don’t wish to be in a lot of pain. Do not consume any over-the-counter drugs or herbal supplements without consulting your surgeon as it will worsen your bruising and inflammation.

Rest Adequately

Your body heals when it rests. Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep every single night and take naps throughout the day as required. That is why surgeons will suggest you take two to three weeks off from work. Do not try to overexert yourself and give your body due time to heal and recover. A thinner nose doesn’t come easy. It involves the expertise of a highly experienced surgeon and proper care on your part. Read also, I want a thinner nose, what can I do?

Keep Your Head Alleviated

The sleeping position is of critical importance when it comes to recovering from a nose job. Your nose is very fragile through the entirety of your recovery phase. Sleeping on your stomach or side will put your nose at risk. Hence, it is important to sleep on your back and keep yourself in an elevated position. Use two to three pillows to prop up your head as it will prevent excessive swelling.

Avoid Blowing Your Nose

It is common for the nose to become highly congested after surgery. You aren’t supposed to blow your nose. You can use saline sprays to moisturize nasal passages until you get some relief from congestion. This is important to shorten your recovery time.

Read more about Recovery after Rhinoplasty Tips, here.

Risks of a Nose Job

If you choose the right surgeon and follow all the pre and post-operative instructions closely, there will be no extensive risks and complications involved. However, there are a few things that come as a part and parcel of the surgery and can’t be avoided; swelling, bruising and pain are a few to name.


It is expected to have some swelling post-surgery after a nose job due to the trauma caused to the tissues and bones. Most of the swelling will linger for the first two weeks. The swelling will continue to go down over the period of the next three to four months. Even after that, you will have a bit of residual swelling (which is barely visible) that can take up to a year to fade away.


Bruising is bound to occur after rhinoplasty and after any other surgical procedure. It can be divided into two stages. During the first stage, the bruising is very visible and obvious and this phase lasts for a week or two after the surgery. The second phase begins right after the first phase and can last up to 14 days. During the second phase, the bruising will progressively get better.


While you won’t experience any pain during the surgery, it is common and expected to feel a bit of pain and discomfort during the first week of recovery. Do not skip on your prescribed meds. Otherwise, you will be in a lot of pain. If the pain is persistent and doesn’t go away even when you are following all the right tips, immediately get in touch with your surgeon.

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The Bottom Line

Rhinoplasty is the only effective way to make your nose thinner permanently. Make sure to invest some time in selecting the right surgeon. Have a close look at the credentials, experience, and before and after photographs of past patients. Also, read plenty of reviews.

Once you have settled on a surgeon, stick to all the pre and post-op instructions given by the surgeon to minimize the chances of any complications. We hope you found this article insightful. If you wish to make your nose thinner and want to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon, fill out the consultation form below or reach out to us via call.

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